At BKC we have prepared thousands of pets on their new journey to their exciting new homes abroad.

Export preparation is an integral part of the animal travel process, at BKC pet we facilitate blood tests, parasite treatments, vet facilitation, crate training, isolation and quarantine requirements (if necessary).

Annual vaccinations are important for your pet to be accepted into normal boarding and absolutely critical for your fur-kids to be accepted into pre-export preparation, this is a very important process of the animal travel service we provide to you and your beloved pet.

At BKC we don’t believe in any pet living in their kennel! Our fully tiled, hygienic and underfloor heated kennels all have their own exercise camps so your pet has the best of both worlds.

For the water loving boarders, we even have private splash-pools for your pooch to relax, take in the passing world and cool down.

We take our hygiene & pet welfare standards very seriously, every pet that enters our export preparation facility has a pre-entry Health Check carried out by our trained professional staff, our kennels are cleaned thoroughly twice daily with disinfectant that is kind to your pets paws, nose and throat but tough on germs.

As you walk through our beautifully appointed facility, you will notice we like to make use of lots of lavender and wild garlic plants, all pets that enter our facility must have internal and external parasite treatment, however we also use natural repellents against ticks, fleas and flies.

BKC Pet are a fully approved and accredited export preparation facility and export quarantine facility.

Don’t take our word for it, read our reviews:

Great service and the best and outstanding staff in Johannesburg and Durban. Sassy was treated so well. I love BKCpet and I love Christine. The boarding facilities were tremendous and looked after my Sassy like there own. Thank you BKCpet for the outstanding and great service. I will be your number 1 fan forever! Your business logo stands and you should be proud !! It is personal and my Sassy was your number 1 along with the other seven that were leaving that night, they were all Number 1 in your priority ! Keep up the great work !!